Quote1 The Ratcatcher needed more than just his charm to lead his army. Quote2
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Otis Flannegan was a criminal adversary of Batman who could use his special gear to control any and all nearby rodents to do his bidding. After his defeat at the hands of the Batman, he was imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.

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While at first the belief that he could control rats with his mind was considered nonsense by his fellow patients and doctors, who instead believed he had an acute case of a Messiah Complex, he was slowly able to build up the myth about himself to gain some notoriety in the Asylum. When the Joker orchestrated his mass breakout of the Asylum, Otis Flannegan was nowhere to be seen, though his stashed gear was discovered by Batman in the Botanical Gardens.

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When Hugo Strange initiated his Arkham City plans, Flannegan was among the inmates and prisoners from Arkham and Blackgate to be placed in the new Gotham prison. As the Ratcatcher, Flannegan was able to break into the thriving blackmarket of Arkham City, hoping his affinity for obtaining smaller objects like gum and buttons would keep him from being seen as competition by the bigger members of the blackmarket like The Penguin. His business became a massive success, and soon there were billboards in Arkham City advertising his services. Unfortunately, his plans back fired and Cobblepot still went after the Ratcatcher, sending his men to apprehend Flannegan. Otis was last seen being dragged into the Penguin's museum, followed by his legions of rats, where it is assumed Cobblepot murdered him. Despite these beliefs, some of the Penguin's men speculated that the Ratcatcher had been allowed to live, and that the Penguin was using his rat army to torture grunts who failed the Penguin's expectations or proved themselves disloyal.

This rumor appeared to be true, as Otis, who was missing an eye, was using his rat army to hunt down Bruce Wayne. He thought he had found him, but actually stumbled upon Hush. For this, Otis was murdered by the Arkham Knight.[1]



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