Quote1 If the notion doesn't disgust you to hear, let me say it: I loved him. Quote2
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Otto Haddon was a member of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn at the end of the 19th century.

Some time later Albert Caldecott joined the Order and met him, and they fell in love.

Otto was a magician of great knowledge, and Albert followed him to Paris, France, becoming a great helper to him until he created a homunculus, a demonic servant. However, Otto had quite an affection for laudanum, wich weakened his will, and the demon possessed Otto, eating his soul.

Then in Otto's form the demon travelled the country committing acts of murderous depravity, and then it returns to Albert because he was there at its summoning; Albert was linked to it somehow, and he was forced to do things he'd rather not speak of.

After trundling the entire population of St. Dubris, France, Otto returned to Paris to meet Albert, but instead of him he meets Albert's grandfather, Richard Swift (The Shade), who intended to kill him and/or send him back to Hell, but the demon appeared from within Otto and confronted him, being killed during the fight.[1]




  • Drug Addiction: Otto had quite an affection for laudanum, wich weakened his will.[1]



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