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A self-described "unrepentant Nazi master criminal", Otto Netz became obsessed with fifth classical element, which he named "Oroboro".

He convinced Adolf Hitler to send him on a mission to England to learn more. Hitler gave him a special cane with a concealed knife in it, but Netz was captured, an outcome that was seemingly wanted by Netz.

Little else is known of Netz after that, except that, years later, he put together an espionage group known as "Spyral" for the UN from a shortlist of exceptional people from across the globe. Under the guise of Agent-Zero, he led the organization. Somewhere along that time he sired a daughter.

During the Falklands War, he was revealed as a double agent (though for who remains unclear) and was tracked to a base in the Falklands Islands, where a group of heroes manage to trap him, although at the cost of four lives.

For years, Doctor Dedalus was unable to leave the island, and slowly succumbed to Alzheimers' disease. However, he was broken out of prison by the terrorist organization known as Leviathan, and appointed their leader. From this position, he continued his research into "Oroboro" with modern technology, specifically artificial matter. He also continued Leviathan's war against Batman Incorporated.

His culminating plan to destroy Batman involved luring him to a derelict oil tanker and dosing him with chemicals that mimicked the effects of Alzheimer's disease, before detonating a sequence of bombs in satellites. In his final moments, he was killed by Robin with his own sword-cane.


  • Tactical Analysis: Netz demonstrated the ability to plan amazing death-traps and double-feint operations, leaving those involved confused as to what was going on.

Other Characteristics

  • Dementia: Alzheimers' had begun to render him ineffective without assistance. He required notes of his plans, usually dictated into a microphone and played back.


  • The Cloak of Smoke: A cape apparently made of a dark mist, which may help him make speedy getaways and shadowy attacks.
  • Sword Cane: Dedalus was given a cane by Adolf Hitler. The handle of the cane comes off as a dagger, upon which is inscribed "Bis das schicksal dich ruft", which translates as "Until destiny calls you home".

  • Netz' nom de crime, taken from the fabled inventor Dedalus, coupled with his wide-brimmed hat, connect the character's appearance and M.O. to the Argentine criminal El Sombrero. It is unknown if there is a connection between the two.[original research?]
  • In the DCU, there is an Argentine novel, written by a man known not to exist, about a shadowy mastermind known as Doctor Dedalus. It is unknown if there is a connection between the two.[1]
  • Otto Netz is also known as Dady 8-Legs, Sleipnir, Spinner and Master Spy.
  • Doctor Deadalus has never been seen without his wide-brimmed hat and a set of insect-eye goggles.



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