"Sgt Rock: "The Medal That Nobody Wanted"": This story is reprinted from Our Army at War #178.

Our Army at War #261 is an issue of the series Our Army at War (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1973.

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Synopsis for Sgt Rock: "The Medal That Nobody Wanted"

This story is reprinted from Our Army at War #178.

Easy Co.'s commanding officer orders Sgt. Rock to give out a medal to a deserving soldier in his command. Rock can't decide which man is more deserving, so he gives the medal to Bulldozer after he protects the C.O. from an aerial attack. Bulldozer later gives the medal to Ice Cream Soldier for taking out a tank. The medal then goes to Jackie Johnson and later still to Little Sure Shot, who eventually gives the medal back to Sgt. Rock for saving Easy from two tanks. When the C.O. finds out that Rock still has the medal, he yells at him for not following orders, but Rock explains that one medal is simply not enough; they all have to be given one.

Appearing in "Today is Tomorrow"


  • Hiroi Keise
  • Yano Kichigai (Hiroi's friend)
  • Kiru Yasuo (Hiroi's friend)



Synopsis for "Today is Tomorrow"

Japanese pilot, Hiroi Keise, flies several missions for the Japanese Empire, including one mission to escort two of his friends on a Kamikaze run. He is constantly in hopes that the war will come to an end, to which he often consoles himself with the thought, "Perhaps tomorrow". As he finishes the run that sacrificed his friends in their suicide attack, he remembers that tomorrow he is to go on a two-day pass to visit his family. The next day he walks along the street of his hometown of Hiroshima. It is August 6, 1945 and he will never know that his highest hopes are to be fulfilled very soon.


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The original title of the Sgt. Rock story, in issue #178, is "Only 1 Medal for Easy"

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