"House Call": This story is reprinted from Our Fighting Forces Giant #1.

Our Fighting Forces #1 is a digital-first one-shot with a cover date of July, 2020.

Synopsis for "House Call"

This story is reprinted from Our Fighting Forces Giant #1.

Jemond while rifling through an old veteran's apartment realizes he has nothing and only finds a P.D.A. which he decides to steal. Soon a message comes up on the screen, telling him it's a bad idea and finds himself at gunpoint hold by someone with his own face. The man removes the mask to show his disfigured face, turning out to be the Unknown Soldier. As Jemond tries to run, he gets caught in a trap while the Unknown Soldier gets informed by Double-A about discovering the suitable woman for his mission with Operational Detachment A.

Jemond asks many questions to the Unknown Soldier, but only learns that Double-A is an operator code-named Ack-Ack whom he is acquainted with but assures he won't kill him. Later on, the reporter Hathaway who's embedded with the ODA unit, talks how everyone in her neighborhood has dogs which keep barking at night and wonders why no one else tells their owner to shut them up except her. White Mike states it's because no one else wants to do it and are waiting for her to do it. Similar is the situation with the country they're in, a hotspot of narco-terrorism about which no one does anything except the United States.

Getting tired of Hathaway, White tells Green Mike that it's his turn to watch over her but gets rebuffed. Hathaway feels frustrated about being sitting and being bitten by mosquitoes when they're supposed to be on a mission to recover a drone. The captain of the unit tells her that's how black ops are supposed to be, leading her to ask if they're waiting for the night to fall. Another soldier states that they're waiting for rain and introduces the whole team - the captain is Michael White, the other two soldiers are Delores White and Miguel Verde, while he himself is Michael Brown.

Black states that their are actually only three members, while the Unknown Soldier is disguised as the fourth member after they were killed in Nuristan. They don't know who exactly but knows she is actually here to figure it out. Delores states that they simply do what's required of them and disappear when he actually appears. Black tells her how while flying a helicopter carrying the team at Parun, they were hit by a rocket from the Taliban. Apaches arrived to help them battle the insurgents but they were still overwhelmed. As he fell unconscious, he saw the Unknown Soldier trying to select who to disguise himself as. The team however survived and was put together in an actual unit.

Hathaway asks ODA that how they know one of their team members died in Afghanistan and Black states they were told so by the Unknown Soldier himself. As she follows the ODA, she complains how narcotic trade is fueling terrorism while damaging the ecosystem and heritage sites, wondering how USA can win. The Unknown Soldier soon appears, while others have disappeared, and states they'll win by being better. Hathaway realizes the ODA aren't after any drone, while he informs that the Comsat transmitter hidden in her canteen has broadcasted their location to everyone. Knowing he wanted them to get caught to infiltrate the drug cartel he's hunting, she asks why their country gets into illegal covert operations, leading him to state that someone has to shut the dog, before taking off his bandages and revealing he's disguised himself as her.

After one of the ODA members knocks out Hathaway, the Unknown Soldier races up to a house and learns the cartel is after him. As he enters it, he gets stabbed by a kid, but subdues him. The cartel members come upon the stabbed Soldier who pretends to be Hathaway and knock him out. After waking up in a car, he chokes its driver to death. One of the cartel members discovers the boy who stabbed him tied up and frees him. The two come out to find the car he was in with its doors open and the driver Jaime dead, realizing he has escaped. Another member sends them to find the "woman reporter", but turns out to be the Unknown Soldier himself in disguise, informing Double-A he's fine and will proceed with the mission as planned.

Appearing in "House Call"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Ms. Hathaway
  • United States Army (Flashback and main story)
    • Operational Detachment A
      • Delores White
      • Michael Black
      • Michael Brown
      • Miguel Verde


  • Drug cartel
    • Jaime (Dies)
  • Jemond
  • Taliban (Flashback only)

Other Characters:

  • Ack-Ack (Voice only)
  • Adolf Hitler (Mentioned only)
  • Mittens (Mentioned only)



  • Boeing AH-64 Apache (Flashback only)
  • HH-60M Black Hawk (Flashback only) (Destroyed)



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