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Outkast is Nash Wells' Antimatter Universe counterpart and the right hand of the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis.

Outkast was born in the Antimatter Universe and became a servant of the Dark God, Mobius, the Anti-Monitor. At the beginning of the Crisis, after Mobius was freed from his cage, along with the Shadow Demons, Outkast was tasked to bring destruction into the infinite realities by his master who also made him learn the identities of the so-called Paragons.

Because of Outkast's knowledge, the Monitor warned the superheroes of Earth-1 about the danger he posed to the Multiverse.

Outkast traveled to Earth-76 where he was about to attack Wonder Woman: however, the superheroes tracked him to the alternate universe where Nash Wells and Nyssa al Ghul quickly subdued the Antimatter Universe villain. Outkast was forced to run away and, later, journeyed to Earth-D where, along with the Shadow Demons, he began ravaging the city of Moscow.

The Justice Alliance of Earth-D moved to face the villains as they were also helped by the heroes of Earth-1. During the clash, Outkast charged an energy beam which he unleashed on the Flash: however, before the beam could kill the Scarlet Speedster, his sidekick, Kid Flash, jumped in front of the attack which seemingly killed him.

A furious Flash instantly rushed against Outkast and began hitting him with his fast punches which almost killed the villain that was saved by Batwoman and the Ray who took the Scarlet Speedster away from him.

Pariah absorbed his counterpart's antimatter energy and let the others imprison him in a special cage in the Monitor's satellite. However, it was just a part of Outkast's plan to infiltrate his enemies' hideout: in fact, he let himself detonate, like a bomb, in order to destroy all of them and the entire universe[1] but the heroes eventually managed to save themselves by escaping before the explosion could reach them.[2]




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