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Red Hood, Starfire, and Arsenal formed the Outlaws, a group of underrated heroes who use their powers, skills, and weaponry to fight against evil. The team changed members through times with Red Hood staying as the core-member and team leader. Red Hood and Arsenal were briefly joined by the Joker's Daughter, who ultimately betrayed the team. Recently, Arsenal left the team, and soon after, Red Hood joined forces with Artemis, an Amazon , and Bizarro, an attempted clone of Superman.


The Beginning

Roy Harper was placed on trial for war crimes during the liberation of Qurac. Jason Todd walked in, disguised as a chaplain, in order to free Harper. Todd delivered Harper his bow and they begin to make their escape. As Todd drove, Harper asked him why he came to save him, his reply being that he didn't wish to be "the worst former sidekick ever." Starfire flew to meet the two of them and they made their way to a seemingly abandoned Caribbean island, the location where (it is later revealed) Koriand'r crashed on Earth.

The All Caste

Three weeks later, Todd is visited by Essence, who shows Todd the dead warriors of the All-Caste and asks him to go and deal with it. After arriving in Hong Kong and seemingly killing Suzie Su, the Outlaws discover the reanimated bodies of the All-Caste and begin to combat them. After finishing their fight with the monks, they encounter S'aru, who tells them that he can open the door in front of them if he can take each of their most precious memories as collateral. they all agree and upon entering they encounter an enormous beast and a snowglobe. They destroy the monster and Todd deduces that their killer originates from Colorado. upon leaving the Chamber of all, they each receive their memories back, except Jason, who tells, S'aru to "keep it."


The trio follow their lead and travel to Colorado, where Todd and Harper come into contact with a member of the Untitled. Meanwhile, Starfire is ambushed by Crux, an alien hunter with a dragon-esque appearance. Crux uses a transmutator to incapacitate her and the blast is seen by Harper. He leaves Todd's battle with the Untitled member to help her. Harper finds Crux and pins him down, threatening to kill him if Starfire is hurt. He finds her, weakened by the transmutator, and is engaged by Crux once more.[1]

Todd, initially overwhelmed by the evil of the Untitled, wins his battle, drawing the All-Blades and killing the Untitled member. it reverts to its human form as the townsfolk are watching and believe the Red Hood to be at fault. As Harper and Kori defeat and capture Crux, Todd approaches them and tells them that they must leave due to the angry mob not far behind them.[2] They take Crux's ship and escape, dropping him off in Arkham Asylum.


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Dark Trinity

After the events of DC Rebirth, a new version of the Outlaws was unintentionally assembled when Red Hood, Artemis, and Bizarro teamed up to take down Black Mask and his criminal empire. After taking down Sionis, Jason would finally gain acceptance of his team and methods from Batman. This "Dark Trinity" would later set out to retrieve the Bow of Ra.[3]



  • H.M.S.S. Starfire (Destroyed): A Tamaranean spacecraft under Starfire's command used to travel and to battle across space
  • Crux's Ship (Destroyed): a small transport craft for planetary travel

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