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Huntress joins the team against Nightwing's wishes to replace the injured Arsenal, and Indigo begins dating Metamorpho. They begin investigating the ritual mu

Sum of All Evil is an Outsiders storyline written by Judd Winick with illustrations by Tom Raney, Will Conrad and Tom Derenick. It's the second arc of Winick's Outsiders series, following Looking for Trouble and leading into the Wanted storyline.


Devil's Work

Huntress joins the team against Nightwing's wishes to replace the injured Arsenal, and Indigo begins dating Metamorpho. They begin investigating the ritual murder of several dozen commuters, and Tattooed Man leads them to Timothy Karnes when interrogated. It's revealed that Karnes has been tricked by New York crime boss Ishmael Gregor, and Gregor kills him to become the new Sabbac.[1] Sabbac defeats them and burns Grace's face off. Black Lightning arrives to angrily reprimand his daughter Thunder, but Huntress persuades him to team up with them. Sabbac starts his next ritual to summon an army of demons, but Indigo leads the team to stop him and they're met by Captain Marvel, Jr..[2] Marvel fights Sabbac to distract him while the Outsiders deal with demons coming through the portal, and together they successfully defeat his plans. Lightning begs Thunder to give up being a super-hero but she ignores him, then later President Ross asks him to resign as Secretary of Education for being a vigilante.[3]

Scream Without Raising Your Voice

Arsenal recovers from his shooting, although the reality that he might leave his daughter Lian alone has left him shaken. He has a one-night stand with Grace then leaves abruptly. Nightwing helps him train and pulls a gun on him to get him over his fear, then welcomes Arsenal back to the team.[4]

Out with the New, in with the Old

Arsenal returns using Batman as his source for tips, and Huntress leaves the team although it's revealed that they slept together. Metamorpho is surprised to see that his DNA offspring has developed individual powers and is now using the name Shift, differentiating himself from the original. Batman has them investigate Doctor Sivana and this leads them to the Slab, where it's revealed that the Fearsome Five have escaped with his help and Sivana is planning to resurrect Shimmer.[5]

Five by Five

Doctor Sivana resurrects Shimmer so he can control his own Fearsome Five including Gizmo, Jinx, Mammoth and Psimon. The Outsiders split up from the Slab and begin hunting the Five members down as they attack LexCorp facilities across the country.[6] They're unsuccessful and the Five successfully steal Sivana's package, but when they try to betray him Sivana murders Gizmo. Thunder is hospitalized and Jade reprimands Nightwing for endangering the team by not caring enough. The Five begin acting independently, allowing Psimon to lead them to one of LexCorp's nuclear stockpiles.[7] The Five intend to make a name for themselves by blowing up Vancouver, and the Outsiders try to stop them with one of Indigo's force fields. They battle and the missile takes off, but Shift manually pilots it into space and Indigo kisses him for the first time when he lands safely. The Outsiders consider this mission a success, but Sivana has still not been discovered and he uses his LexCorp money to purchase a tropical island lair.[8]


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