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Quote1 The Outsiders -- his personal, deniable, off-the-books black-ops team. Quote2
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The Outsiders is a vigilante team which, across many incarnations, has often been associated with the superhero Batman and his allies.


One iteration of the Outsiders included Arsenal, Jade,[1] Nightwing, Thunder, and Grace Choi, the latter two of whom progressed from teammates into a romantic relationship. An ill-fated mission left Thunder comatose, while other members of the Outsiders, led by Geo-Force, eventually became criminals in Markovia,[2] a nation of which he was the royal prince.[3]

Another Outsiders team, composed of Freight Train, Halo, and Looker, was a component of Batman Incorporated. Though they faked their own deaths to hide from the enemy Leviathan Organization,[4] the Outsiders with other elements of Batman Incorporated were lured to a Leviathan headquarters, which in reality was wired to explode,[5] and were critically injured despite Looker and Halo's efforts to contain the bomb's blast.[6]

Dark Nights: Metal

The team was originally created to investigate the Dark Multiverse. As they investigated specific metals linked to it, such as the Nth Metal, the metal found in the Court of Owls' pool, Aquaman's trident, and Doctor Fate's Helmet. They also investigated connections between Metahumans and mystical lands like Nanda Parbat, Themyscara, and Atlantis. The team was created without the awareness of the Justice League, the government, or the Batman Family.[7]

Doomsday Clock

In his capacity as ruler of Markovia, Geo-Force formed another Outsiders team from Baroness Bedlam, the Eradicator, Knightfall, Terra, and Wylde, with himself as leader. As Markovia's national super-team, they formed an alliance with the Russian People's Heroes to counter the perceived threat of the United States of America's metahumans.[3] With the People's Heroes, they confronted Superman over his alleged culpability in the deaths of Russian civilians, triggering a metahuman brawl in Washington, D.C. that was ultimately resolved when the Outsiders and other instigators were defeated by Superman and his allies, the Justice Society of America and Legion of Super-Heroes.[8]

On the Outside

Batman later called on Black Lightning to lead a new team of Outsiders composed of Katana, Orphan, and The Signal when they took on Karma.


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