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The Overlords of Oa are a group of Maltusians who rule over the entire universe on Earth 3 by controlling the galactic order of the Emerald Knights; they are Earth 3's counterparts of the Guardians of the Universe.


In the aftermath of the rebirth of the Multiverse, Earth 3 was restored to the existence with a whole different history. In the new continuity, the Overlords of Oa are the supreme rulers of the known universe and the supreme masters of the Emerald Knights, this worlds' counterparts of the Green Lantern Corps, whose rings made them listen to the will of the Oans.

At some point in the past, the Overlords of Oa became enemy of the Starro Collective: it began a great war between the two cosmic factions, which also involved the new Emerald Knight of Earth, Harold Jordan, that caused many casualties on both sides. The Overlord of Oa were never a match for the Star Conquerors who eventually continued traveling through the space conquering planets but avoided facing again the Oans.[1]

Despite their influence, the Knight Thaal Sinestro managed to free himself from the Overlords' control and became the opposite of the Emerald Knights, a Yellow Lantern, as well as an unknown Emerald Knight of Earth that similarly went rogue.[1] Some time later, in 2021, John Stewart of Earth joined the Oans' Emerald Knights and began fighting evil in their own name.[1]

Months later, the Starro Collective attacked the Earth[2] but kept themselves away from Coast City which was being patrolled by John Stewart in order to stay away from the Overlords' business; the Emerald Knight was still forced to join the resistence and, thanks to his abilities, the metahumans of Earth were able to repel the invasion and destroy the Starros. However, after the war, Sinestro, who had previously contacted the Coast City vigilante,[1] convinced the Knight to reject the Overlords' control and use his pwoers for justice and peace.[3]

As John Stewart joined the Legion of Justice,[3] he became an enemy of the Crime Syndicate after murdering the speedster Johnny Quick;[4] during the clash between good and evil, the Emerald Knight had to face the Superwoman[5] that managed to take the ring away from John who, in the meantime, had completely lost control of his power. Being freed from the ring control, John Stewart accepted once again the influence of the Overlords of Oa, fatally wounded Thaal Sinestro and returned to side with his masters, also joining the Crime Syndicate. However, due to his previous murder of Johnny Quick, the metahuman Atomica tried to dissuade the other members to accept him in their team but Ultraman conviced all the others to not get revenge against the Knight in order to not cause a galactic war against the Overlords who were carefully monitoring the current events of Earth from Oa.[6]


  • The Overlords of Oa did not exist until the Hands restored the Multiverse.


  • The Overlords' appearance is almost the same of their Earth 0 counterparts' except for the Power Ring emblem instead of the Green Lantern symbol on their uniforms.

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