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The Dark Garden 001

The Dark Garden

The Overvoid is a massive cosmic consciousness above the Monitor Sphere and the Multiverse. It is an infinite, timeless white void within which the Omniverse floats, also known as Monitor-Mind.


The Beginning

The Dark Garden 001

The Dark Garden

In the beginning, there was only the Great Darkness. It was so vast that the newborn Light was imperceptible but expanded until it became an ocean of immaculate perfection.[1][2][3] It existed as long as the Omniverse.[4]

Some time before the original creation of the Multiverse, the Darkness spawned a "daughter" who was entrusted to a subsection of the Void, a realm known as "The Dark Garden".[5]

Twenty billion years ago, The Source sent one of his Hands, Perpetua, to create a new Multiverse inside the Omniverse. Inside the Void, the Hand shaped the original version of the Multiverse in a classic tripartite form: a realm of dark matter, the World Forge; a collection of positive matter realities, known as the Orrery of Worlds, where life should have prospered; an Antimatter Universe that had to be the boundary between the fresh-born Multiverse and the Overvoid. Perpetua also created three almighty beings, Alpheus, Mar Novu and Mobius, and asked her newborn sons to monitor each realm of the Multiverse.

As a consequence of the creation of the Multiverse, the Overvoid became a realm of passage between the Multiverse and the rest of the Omniverse. Five billion and two hundred thousand years later, the three Monitors prevented their mother from trying to conquer the Omniverse by invoking The Hands who sent The Cosmic Raptor who sealed Perpetua and the Totality of her powers inside the Source Wall which became the new boundary between a renewed version of the Multiverse and the Overvoid.[4][6][7] Along with the new iteration of Multiverse, in the next billion years, several other Creations came to exist into the Overvoid.

In the early moments of the reborn Creation, an aspect of The Source, The Presence, who came to be known as God, created seven higher beings, the Archangels, and The Silver City where the rest of Angels came to reside in order to watch over Creation. Not long after God finished creating the so-called "Heaven" and its Host, the Phantom Stranger and the young Tim Hunter journeyed back in time from 1991 and witnessed God's recent creations.[8]

Some time later, Night, an embodiment of the primordial Darkness and mother of The Endless, created her own realm where she began living along with her herald and "daughter", Dusk.[9]

At some point in time, a cold fusion entity was born into the nothingness. Billion years later, upon discovering the existence of Life in a nearby Multiverse, the creature moved from the Void to this Cosmos where he merged with the psychic imprint of a recently dead superhero.[10]

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The Awakening of the Great Darkness

The Rise of the Voiceless Gods

God's Retirement

Final Crisis

Upon discovering the existence of creation within itself, the Overvoid extended a probe into the Multiverse, which upon reporting back the concept of events, irreparably altered the Overvoid's awareness. The probe, having been split in two, withdrew and left behind as a result of the contact was a titanic entity in the shape of one of the inhabitants of the Orrery of Worlds. The Overvoid itself remains implacable, though the presence of the giant would infect its mind with perpetual questions, and thereby the concept of story.[11][12]

During the Final Crisis, after the Supermen of the Multiverse defeated him on Nil,[13] Mandrakk the Dark Monitor fell inside the Overvoid, falling through the nothingness until he ended up in the Dark Multiverse.[14]

Later Events and The Metal Wars

Years later, in the last moments of Barbatos' invasion, the Justice League used Element X to restore Earth 0 into the Multiverse. However, this caused a massive wave of energy that breached the Source Wall[15] and allowed a portion of Perpetua's Totality to fall into the Multiverse[16] and the activation of the Omega Titans.[17]

During Lucifer Morningstar's journey through the Underworld realms, the Lightbringer ended up in Naraka asking for Lord Yama's help. However, he was warned that the head of the Hindu Gods had previously left for the Overvoid so Lucifer was forced to jump into the ocean of nothingness in order to meet him.[18]

Months later, as a consequence of the Legion of Doom's master plan, the Source Wall was ultimately destroyed.[19] There was no longer a boundary between the existence and the everything beyond it so the Multiverse began to be sucked inside the nothingness of the Overvoid, slowly leading it toward its end.[20]

After Perpetua defeated the Justice League[21] and began conquering the Multiverse,[22] the ascension of the Darkest Knight[23] and the near-ending of the Multiverse attracted the Chronicler, an herald of The Source which came from the Overvoid to record the history of the dying Multiverse and its last moments, witnessing himself the final battle between the two Omega Class cosmic entities.[24]

The Creation of the Infinite Frontier

After The Hands destroyed and chose to restore all the Creation, the Overvoid once again separated the newborn Infinite Frontier, where they collected all the Multiverses that came to exist just outside the Void, from the rest of the Greater Omniverse.[25] However, this attracted the attention of the Great Darkness[26], who awakened itself inside the Void, but its cosmic power was eventually "stolen" by Pariah in order to cause the Dark Crisis.[27]

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  • The Overvoid's representation has become ambiguous over the years:
    • The events of The Books of Magic (Volume 1) and Lucifer (Volume 1) referred to it as the emptiness that existed before and outside Creation, having existed since the birth of the Greater Omniverse.
      • It was visually represented both as a black void, where the Silver City is located, and a white blank void where Lucifer created its own world;
    • During the Final Crisis and, later, The Multiversity, it was referred to as a sentient entity with its own mind, appearing once again as the white void and being related to The Source/The Presence;
    • In recent years and many comics, it has been portrayed once again as the black void that predated the Existence and the empty Space outside the main Multiverses where the Great Darkness lives.
  • The Overvoid and The Presence have both been referred to as the Light.[2] In addition, The Presence and The Source have been stated to be aspects of the same whole.[7]

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