PT Boats were a variety of motor torpedo boat, a small, fast vessel used by the United States Navy in World War II to attack larger surface ships.

Captain Storm's PT Boat

Doubtlessly, one of the most famous PT commanders during World War II was Captain William Storm. In 1941, a then-lieutenant Storm was stationed aboard his first patrol boat, PT-93. [1] After serving aboard the PT-93, Storm was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain and given the command of a PT-47. In the early years of World War II, the PT-47 ran afoul of a Japanese submarine which capsized the boat. Storm was thrown overboard and lost his left leg during the attack.

On one of his crew's earlier missions, they encountered a Hawaiian tribal leader known as King Komokka. Storm learned of a prophecy which told that he would save a native princess by "fighting fire with wood". As predicted, Storm's crew managed to save the life of an island princess named Anooa. Working alongside the islanders, Captain Storm managed to hide the PT-47 behind a fence of wooden canoes as Japanese zeros battered the area. With his crew safely screened in, Storm was able to repel the invaders and secure the island. [2]

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