El Muerto was a superhero in Mexico City, fighting crimes with the city's other heroes Acrata and Iman.

As a young man growing up in Mexico City, Pablo Valdez idolized Superman. When he tried to save a girl from a hostage situation he died inside a crumbling building. Resurrected through mysticism, Pablo donned a costume reminiscent of those worn by hanging victims and became the undead hero El Muerto. He abandoned his idolization of Superman, blaming him for not being there to prevent his death, and also the fact that Superman did not help in combating crime in Mexico.

El Muerto fought crime in the streets of Mexico City and teamed up with fellow heroes Acrata and Iman. He eventually have a chance encounter with Superman himself when Mexico City was threatened by the occultist Duran. After saving the city, El Muerto has since reconciled with his former hero.





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