In 1993, Pacific City was the scene of a string of bizarre crimes perpetuated by several equally bizarre persons such as the Enigma, the Head, the Truth and Envelope Girl. All of these beings were

Pacific City is a major city located in Southern California. Nearly two decades ago, Pacific City suffered a massive earthquake that claimed the life of many residents, including the father of one Michael Smith.


In 1993, Pacific City was the scene of a string of bizarre crimes perpetuated by several equally bizarre persons such as the Enigma, the Head, the Truth and Envelope Girl. All of these beings were manifestations of 1970s comic book characters envisioned by Titus Bird. The Head was a serial killer who claimed more than ten victims in one week by extracting and consuming their brains by way of a metal instrument. The Head was eventually destroyed by the masked and cloaked figure known as the Enigma. Immediately following the Head's demise, stage actor Victor Lamont was transformed into a being called the Truth. The Truth slaughtered more than thirty parishioners at Saint Peter's Cathedral by forcing them to see the truth about themselves. Again, the Enigma appeared and fought with the Truth. Another strange individual was supermodel Victoria Yes who was transformed into the Envelope Girl.

At the center of all of these incidents was telephone repairman Michael Smith. Michael was present when the Head attacked a police officer and his girlfriend at their apartment. The Head attacked Michael and nearly killed him, but the Enigma appeared and killed the Head, then used his powers to heal Michael of his injuries.

As more and more strange occurrences began to take place in the city, the general public became aware of the Enigma. At first, they fully supported his actions, particularly after he vanquished the Truth, who by that point had laid claim to more than sixty people. The citizens of Pacific City became aware of the Enigma's connection to the old Titus Bird comic and his fan base grew into a coalition of devoted, cultish followers calling themselves Enigmatics. The Enigmatics were not exclusive to Pacific City and members of the congregation could be found as far south as Texas. The Enigmatics made headline news in Pacific City when a congregation of more than three-hundred members took their own lives in a mass suicide pact outside the city Opera House.

Pacific City was also the selected territory for a trio of serial killers called the Interior League. The Interior League would break into a victim's home while they were asleep or away and re-arrange all of the furniture. For some inexplicable reason, the pattern of their arrangements unlocked some hidden psychic trigger that would cause the residents to go insane, often killing themselves or their family members. Enigma eventually tracked them down and killed them inside of a suburban home.

When the Enigma eviscerated the practically harmless Envelope Girl however, public support for his actions began to wane. Titus Bird personally called the Pacific News affiliate station in order to publicly denounce the actions of the Enigma.

Michael Smith, who had become more and more involved with the Enigma's actions, discovered that it was the Enigma himself who had been creating these bizarre villains. By doing so, he had hoped to establish a "world" for himself that he could understand. These manifestations presumably stopped after the Enigma had a personal encounter with his birth mother, Ellen Collins. The result of this encounter remains inconclusive.

Points of Interest

  • Felgrado Heights
  • Florence Beach
  • Grapes of Wrath Restaurant
  • Mother Lode gay bar
  • Pacific City Opera House
  • Pacific Folk Museum
  • Pacific Fone
  • Pacific Wine, Inc.
  • Saint Peter's Cathedral
  • West Pacific Station



  • Pacific City is an analog of Los Angeles.

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