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Quote1 I'm Paco and I am going to hit you with this stick until you get the ~&%$ of my planet. Quote2
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Paco is best friends with Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle and Brenda Del Vecchio.

The friends grew up together in El Paso, Texas.

When Jaime disappeared for a year Paco was questioned by the police but was eventually released. It was then he found out that Brenda was almost beaten to death by her father; but he died a week later while driving under the influence. Brenda was luckily taken in by her aunt, Tia Amparo, and Paco visited her now and again With Brenda living in another city Paco eventually joins the Posse.

While Paco was not an "Extra" like the other Posse members, he proved himself a worthy member. As he was not worth the time for thugs of La Dama he could keep the business side of the Posse's running. The gang worked on fake lotteries, smuggling and the the occasional bodyguard work. He later began a relationship with fellow Posse member Piñata.

Exactly a year later after Jaime's disappearance La Dama's thugs were about to capture Paco and Damper were it not for the timely rescue by the Blue Beetle. Overjoyed by his friend's return; he quickly brought him up to date with what happened in his absence, telling the good news to Brenda, as soon as he could.

Jaime asked his friend to organize a meeting with the gang. Regrettable to Paco, Jaime wished to talk with Posse member Probe about the nature of his new powers. But she was abducted almost a year ago and brought to Warehouse 13.

The meeting was cut short as Damper's daughter Alina was abducted by the Bottom Feeder. Jaime discovered he could track DNA signatures and rescue the child, while unintentional exposing himself on television.

After that a small group of the Posse used this new power to locate and rescue Probe at Warehouse 13. Paco had to moderate outside to plan an escape if anything went wrong, while the Posse and Jaime infiltrated the compound. But that duty was not that safe and all too soon he was discovered by the guards outside the compound. But was rescued by the Peacemaker and Paco lost his car in the process. Not long after, he discovered that Brenda's Aunt was the crime lord La Dama who was pulling all the strings in El Paso. The Posse themselves where able to escape the compound.



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