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Calendar Girl was an enemy of Batman. She was a model with a grudge over her forced retirement.

Page Monroe was a successful model and actress, until the day she turned thirty. All the companies she represented dropped her in favor of more youth-oriented models and shows. She faded into obscurity.

Deemed too old by all around her (save perhaps her agent, Irv Kleinman), she started to believe she was actually old and ugly. She took to wearing a full-face theatrical mask, and plotted her revenge.

She kidnapped three of her former employers: fashion mogul Donna Day, Gotham Motors executive Barkley James, and TV executive Frederick Fournier. Batman and Batgirl prevented her from killing them.

She was arrested by the police, and after Bullock aggressively tore away her mask, it turned out she was still as beautiful as she always had been. Page was too blind to see it, though; she could only see the flaws in herself.




  • Various holiday themed gadgets and a scythe.

  • Page Monroe was voiced by Sela Ward, who is often cited as having retained her beauty "despite" her age. Ward is an active campaigner against age discrimination, which is a main theme in the episode.


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