As a little girl, Pamela Isley moved to Gotham City with her parents, who opened their own nursery garden. The Isleys were known for being esteemed botanists, and began teaching at Gotham's university. Even young Pamela showed promise of becoming a great botanist someday. The Isley Nursery ran for many years, helping Gotham flourish with plant-life. But one day Pamela's father, Dr. Isley, became ill after he was exposed to a toxin from a tropical plant that was mislabeled as harmless. Eventually, Dr. Isley succumbed to the plant's toxin and the nursery closed. Pamela blamed Gotham University for her father's death, as it had conducted no search for an antidote to the toxin, not even after everything Dr. Isley had done for the university. Pamela and her mother moved back to the south, and for many more years Pamela continued to improve on her botany skills, slowly making herself immune to the toxin that had killed her father. Eventually, Pamela resurfaced in Gotham City as a super-villainess called Poison Ivy, and used her knowledge of plants to control plant-life and commit crimes. Batman and Robin had their first encounter with her at the time when they were investigating the apparent death of Louie the Lilac.




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