Quote1 I will not let this paradise be destroyed by the machinations of men. Quote2
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Poison Ivy was thrown into the past like the rest of Gotham's villains.

Unlike the rest of them, Ivy liked her new surroundings as nature had yet to be poisoned with man's pollution. She went to war during two years against Penguin with neither of them succeeding in destroying the other. Some time later, she and her castle clashed with the one of penguin's but Gorilla Grodd threw Two-Face's castle on them neutralizing them temporary so that Grodd could mind control them into forming his own castle. When she snapped out of Grodd's control, she faced Robin and was ultimately defeated. When the Arkham castle was brought back to the present, she and the other villains were brought to a confused Jim Gordon.


  • Chlorokinesis: Poison Ivy has the ability to communicate with plant-life and manipulate its growth. She can cause harmless plants to become deadly, or vaguely sentient. Most common of her abilities is the use of vines for attack.




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