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Poison Ivy, real name Pamela Lillian Isley, is a seductive eco-terrorist enemy of the Batman.

Pamela Lillian Isley, once a brilliant botanist, turned to a life of crime when Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne destroyed the habitat of a rare plant in order to build Stonegate Penitentiary. She "dated" Dent, so she could get close enough to poison him. However, her plan failed, she was taken to the same prison she hated, and Dent really hated her afterwards.[1] Ivy was later transferred to Arkham Asylum.[2]

After she escaped Arkham, Poison Ivy created a chemical serum that would transform a human being into a tree. She deviced a plan to transform any citizen who had commited crimes against plants and forests and Bruce Wayne was among them. Alfred Pennyworth was attacked instead and before the transformation was completed, Batman stopped Ivy and cured all of Ivy's victims. Ivy was not found afterwards.[3]

Eventually, Ivy returned to crime and when she tried to steal from the Gotham Museum, she came across Harley Quinn, who had the same idea. The two ladies struck a quick friendship and started a large criminal spree, until they were stopped by Officer Renee Montoya and were taken back to Arkham.[4]

After failing to meet the psychological requirements for rehabilitation, Ivy returned to Arkham and was present for the Trial of Batman. She acted as a juror and as a "witness", testifying towards Batman's involvement in her creation as a villainess.

Unlike most villain team-ups, Harley and Ivy seemed to have a genuine friendship, as each helped the other with problems, be they personal or other. Though each also pursued her own area of interest, it was not uncommon for the two to team up, share a hideout, or rendezvous for the holidays.

When Livewire was transferred to Gotham for further psychiatric treatment, a brief and unlikely trio formed. Though they initially subdued the two, the combined forces of Batgirl and Supergirl proved too much for the electric charged trio.

The two had many other capers, including various robberies, some holiday fun, and occasional turmoil amongst themselves. Throughout this time, however, their relationship nurtured, and it seemed the two fostered a general care for one another. At one point, the men of Gotham disappeared altogether. Ever the opportunists, Harley and Ivy raided the Gotham Police Department Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault, stealing items from various villains including the Penguin, the Joker, and Mr. Freeze.

Shortly thereafter, the two broke into the Gotham Monastery to steal a Tiffany rendition of the Trappist Orchid, a mosaic of an extinct flower commissioned by Thomas Wayne. Batgirl and Catwoman (who were working to clear Catwoman's name) attempted to reason with the two, but Harley accidentally discovered the true cause of the male disappearance: a weapon designed by Mr. Freeze.

Renee Montoya and the GPD arrived to arrest the women. Harley and Ivy escaped, but were branded accomplices in Catwoman's supposed crime. Gotham went into a hard lock down, but eventually the four women united. Donning a Batgirl outfit, Poison Ivy broke into a warehouse in Gotham's West District. Unmasked, she managed to evade capture long enough for Batgirl to discover the true cause of the disappearances: Dora Smithy. After the mystery was resolved, Harley convinced Catwoman and Poison Ivy to turn themselves in, as they had promised to Batgirl. However, they made no assurances that they'd stay captured, and the three escaped.





  • Wrist-Mounted Crossbow[1]

  • In a possible error by the writer, she was knocked out by gas in "Honor Among Thieves".
  • Poison Ivy's affection for her plants - or "babies" - would often distract her from her main goals, or a fight.
  • Ivy was 28 during the events of "Pretty Poison".


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