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Poison Ivy is a vigilante in Gotham City and one of the many survivors left on Earth.


While the Anti-Living Virus began to spread around the world, Ivy accompanied Harley who was finally ready to leave the Joker. Ivy encouraged her to confront her abusive ex, though she did have to restrain Harley with vines to prevent her from backing out. Neither of them knew that Joker was already infected by the virus. [1]

After Harley killed the infected Joker and was almost killed by the undead Birds of Prey, Ivy saved her by crushing them to death via her vines (which Harley found very romantic). Afterward, she took Harley to a place where The Green could protect them.[2]

The two would eventually set up shop in what was left of Gotham City, transforming the city into a green haven for the two. When Batman, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern arrive, an infected Killer Croc goes to infect the trio, Ivy impales him with vines. When she questions why Robin is dressed as Batman he reveals that his father was killed, Ivy offered her condolences. They make a deal to have survivors to live in Gotham, albeit with strict rules. [3]

When the time came for the remaining survivors to leave the planet Ivy stayed behind in order to guard The Green with Harley staying with her. The two held hands as they watched the Arks depart. [4]

DCeased: Unkillables

Sometime later John Constantine, Zatanna, and Doctor Fate would arrive at the Gotham Jungle, reinforcing the area with magic so that it would be protected by the infected. When the Unkillables fought their way through the hordes of undead and the infected Wonder Woman Ivy, Harley, and the remaining magic users, welcomed them in with open arms. [5]





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