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Quote1.png You helped me. I can be around people now. You know, I mean, I hate it, but I can do it without vomiting. Harleen Quinzel was the only doctor who ever got through to me. Quote2.png
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Poison Ivy (real name Doctor Pamela Gertrude Isley) is a cold and sarcastic metahuman eco-terrorist and the girlfriend of Harley Quinn, as well as a member of her crew.


Pamela Isley was born to a wealthy family, but was born a metahuman. This caused her to be the subject of mental and physical abuse by her parents and others around her, hampering her ability on making friends. As a result, she gave up on humanity. She gaining a doctorate in botany based science. Shortly after, the assumed the identity of Poison Ivy, fighting for the environment. She was invited to join the Legion of Doom, but rejected all 148 invites.

For her crimes against humanity, Ivy was sent to Arkham Asylum where she met with Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Despite her hatred of humanity, it was Harleen who managed to convince her otherwise, enabling her to come out of her shell a bit more. It was due to Harleen's help that allowed them both to become friends.

1 Year Incarceration & Freedom

Following Harley's return to Arkham, Ivy attempted to convince her friend that Joker wasn't coming to get her, mostly due to her 6 month stay already. Due to Harley's stubbornness, she decided to wait for him. Ivy tried explaining Joker wasn't ideal for her and that there was somebody out there better than him. Harley's stubborn behavior remained convinced that he was going to come for her. 3 months later, Ivy herself managed to free herself, taking Harley out along with her.

Ivy took Harley to her apartment, where she restored her dying plants, finding that Frank the plant ate the boy responsible for watering them, as well as his parents.

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  • Unique Physiology
  • Chlorokinesis: Ivy is able to manipulate and animate plants.
  • Size Alteration[4] (Briefly): After ingesting some of Scarecrow's new mutagen, Ivy was able to grow to a size bigger than that of Giganta.
    • Superhuman Strength (Briefly) As a bonus to altering her size, Ivy was able to lift and break trees in half with great ease.
  • Resurrection: Following her death at the hands of Joker, Ivy was able to come back from death via her connection to nature within a span of one week.



  • Misanthropy: Ivy mostly can't stand humans, having once had the urge to vomit in their presence. But thanks to Harley's help as Dr. Quinzel, Ivy can now tolerate being around people.
  • Power Limitation: Even though Ivy is able to manipulate and control plants, she wasn't able to control the plants mutated by Scarecrow, nor the magic ones created by Queen of Fables.




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