Pamela Jekins was the childhood nanny of Lex Luthor and mother of his half-sister, Tess Mercer.

In the early 1980's, Pamela was hired by Lionel and Lillian Luthor to serve as a nanny for their son, Lex.[1] By 1984, Pamela had an affair with Lionel, which resulted in her daughter, whom Lionel gave up for adoption.[2]

When Lillian died in 1993, she left Pamela LuthorCorp stock. Pamela had hoped to stay with Lex, but Lionel forced her to leave, by threatening to disinherit Lex. Nine years later, Pamela learned that she was suffering from cancer. Feeling that she had nothing left to lose, she sought out Lex and made amends with him, before she passed away.[1] Presumably, she informed him about his half-sister, before dying.[3]



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