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Pamela Ysley was a smuggler working for Selina Digatti until the Germans seized her hometown of Calais. She was forced to sell the Nazis luxuries. Then one night, Pamela brewed and wore a scent so sweet that it made the Nazis drowsy and gave Pamela her chance to kill them. But an unexpected side effect to the perfume turned Pamela's skin green.

Year One (1940)

An unexpected visitor dropped into Pamela's greenhouse: Harleen Quinzel. A few minutes later, the German armies arrived. Harleen took out the soldiers and asked Pamela to come with her as she escaped.

Year Three (1942)

Pamela and Harley asked for Mera's permission to leave Atlantis so that they could travel to Russia to help with the famine. Mera agreed and provided them with supplies and a flying stingray, named Fawkes, for transport. But while flying over Russia, Pamela and Harley suddenly came under attack by magical creatures. Raven, who secretly stowed away with their luggage, helped them reach the ground safely. The girls found a group of mythical creatures, being controlled by Captain Cold.

Raven transported the group to St. Petersburg and casted a spell on them all so that their enemies couldn't find them. While strolling through the city Pamela met Dr. Viktoria October, a mysterious woman who explained to her the complications of the city and its suffering. Filled with compassion, Pamela commanded plants to rise out if the snow and bare fruit and vegetables for the people.