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Paradox is an enemy of the Flash who is obsessed with destroying the Flash's legacy.


Chris was originally a father and scientist studying the multiverse. He theorized that there were other universes, alternate realities, and timelines. For years he had dedicated his life to finding proof that reality had been changing around him and people just weren't able to see it.[2]

The night Barry Allen was hit by lightning and turned into the Flash, the power surge of the Speed Force storm had hit Chris' lab equipment and suddenly he felt the power of the time-stream flow within him and was able to temporarily see the multiverse. After it had passed, he worked day and night for a year in an attempt to see the multiverse again.[2]

When the Flash and Turtle were battling one night, Chris noticed that the multiversal energy between the two matched the energy he saw the night of the storm, and wanted to get closer to feel it. Shortly after, the Flash had shifted the timeline forward, Chris was left behind and ended up in a realm beyond the multiverse that he described as a "lockbox safe from the manipulations of time and space. A wasteland of the forgotten." He later realized that the Flash's time manipulation had activated Paradox's powers, which shifted him to this realm.[2]

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Flash Age

After he could travel to the main universe again, he went to the future. There Reverse-Flash and the Reverse-Flash Task Force, aka. The Renegades, stopped him and put him in a special jail built only for him. But after the Flash went to the future and nearly erased it[3]Paradox managed to escape his prison. Then after he went to the present and banished the Flash into the place, where he had suffered so long, he used Godspeed to travel through time, where he everytime killed the Barry Allen living in this time. After Barry teamed up with Reverse-Flash and the now-free Godspeed to fight Paradox, they managed to delete him from reality, by time-travelling back before he transformed into Paradox, to assure that he never gets teleported into the 'Realm of the Forgotten' and never transforms into Paradox.[4][5][6]


  • Unique Physiology: After coming into contact with Speed Force energy on the night of a storm, Paradox's mind and body were altered to become more attuned with the multiverse.[2]
    • Temporal Energy Absorption: Paradox can absorb "Crisis" energy in order to power himself, which is temporal energy created by alterations in the timeline.[2][7] The more paradoxes he creates and absorbs causes him to grow in strength.[8] The power he gains from each paradox also varies, depending on how big of a paradox he creates.[8] For example, killing a past version of himself granted him much more power than any of the alternate versions of the Flash he killed.[8]
      • Disintegration: Paradox can use his temporal energy to disintegrate others and erase them from existence, creating a paradox that allows him to absorb more energy.[8]
      • Energy Projection: Paradox can project powerful blasts of temporal energy.[2]
      • Reality Alteration: After releasing a massive amount of temporal energy, Paradox began to erase the timestream itself.[8]
      • Size Alteration: After unleashing all of the temporal energy he had absorbed, Paradox was able to grow to colossal height.[8]
    • Cosmic Awareness: Paradox is capable of seeing the multiverse and is aware of all the changes to reality that have ever happened.[2] He is also able to sense if anyone is travelling throughout the timestream.[8]
    • Dimensional Travel: Paradox is capable of traveling to other realms at will and can shift others through dimensions along with him.[2]
    • Illusion Casting: Paradox can use his powers to project illusions from his hands.[7]
    • Electrokinesis: After Paradox had absorbed enough temporal energy, his powers merged with the Speed Force. This allowed him to manipulate Speed Force energy to his will.[9] He used this ability to torture Godspeed by causing his lightning to backfire on him.[9] He was also able to absorb a blast of Speed Force lightning from the Flash and redirect it.[7]
    • Superhuman Durability: Paradox can withstand levels of harm far greater than any normal human could endure. He was unaffected by any of the Flash's attacks, including a large blast of lightning.[7]
    • Superhuman Strength: Paradox possesses immense superhuman strength.[2] He was able to effortlessly toss around Barry Allen, as well as punch Godspeed hard enough to destroy a large mass of concrete.[7]
    • Telepathy: Paradox was able to telepathically communicate with Godspeed, while in a separate dimension.[10]


The Flash #750-The Flash #755



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