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Tired of the way the masked vigilantes have become rampant in Gotham, a man known only as Paragon created his own to combat the "heroes" existence.

He teamed up with two friends, the Strayhorn brothers, in organizing this team of ordinary citizens who were somehow hurt or angry at the vigilantes, becoming known as the Republic of Tomorrow. They based themselves in the Gotham clock tower, with Paragon leading and teaching them how to fight. [1]

After Nightwing saved all three leaders of the Republic from falling off a cliff in their car [2], the Strayhorn brothers renounced their dedication to the group and began supporting vigilantes. Paragon, furious with his friends' betrayals, murders them and frames Nightwing. [3]

When Nightwing, investigating the murder of the Strayhorn brothers in order to clear his name, stumbles on the Republic's activities, Paragon takes the opportunity to begin his purge of the heroes in Gotham with Nightwing. However, Nightwing outsmarts Paragon who, in the chaotic battle between the hero and the Republic, knocks the giant clock out of the tower. Nightwing is forced to leap out of the tower and destroy the clock before it smashes onto the people below. Paragon, in the meantime, escapes with his entire crew.

Regrouping under ground, the Republic begins to question Paragon's motives and leadership, seeing his performance with Nightwing back at the clock tower. Paragon, frustrated with his followers' threats to walk away, slays all of them without a second thought.

Wanting to set a trap for Nightwing, Paragon goes to the apartment of Detective Nie, the detective investigating the case Nightwing is framed for, and informs him of the slaughter location. [3]

Nightwing, as expected, shows up at the crime scene and is ambushed by Paragon. After a long battle, Nightwing and Paragon return to the surface, where Nie surrounds both of them with his police force. Refusing to back down, Paragon prepares to slaughter the police force like he did with his own team, but, luckily, Nightwing swoops in and pushes Paragon's energy blade against the villain's chest, incapacitating him long enough for the police to apprehend him. [4]




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