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The Paragons are seven beings who were prophetized by the Book of Destiny to be able to stop the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis; each one of them represents a different virtue: Kara Zor-El embodies the Hope, White Canary the Destiny, Barry Allen of Earth-1 the Love, J'onn J'onzz the Honor, Kate Kane the Courage, Kal-El of Earth-96 the Truth and Ryan Choi the Humanity. After the Multiverse was destroyed by the Anti-Monitor, the Paragons' wills, along with the energy of the Spectre, managed to generate a new Big Bang that rebooted the Multiverse, bringing back every reality that ever existed before the Crisis.


In ancient times, Mar Novu sought to see the birth of the Multiverse, traveling at the Dawn of Time. However, the energies of the Temporal Zone altered his biology, making him a Cosmic God, known as the Monitor, and creating a dark counterpart of himself, the Anti-Monitor: this dark entity was sealed in the Nexus chamber where he planned to cause a Crisis which would destroy all the creation if he was ever released.[1]

The mystical Book of Destiny sentenced that the Anti-Monitor could only be stopped by seven individuals, known as the Paragons, whose different virtues and strong wills would be the only chances to stop the Cosmic God's evil actions.[2] The identities of these beings are unknown to anyone, even to the Monitor, and anything except for the Book of Oa, a container of all the Multiverse's knowledge, which was stored by the Guardians of the Universe on Earth-12.[3]

In 2019, the Anti-Monitor was released from his prison by Nash Wells aka Pariah and started the Crisis as he promised, beginning the destruction of the Multiverse;[4] in order to stop him, the Monitor recruited some enforcers and heroes from various realities. The Cosmic God also summoned Felicity Smoak, telling her about the existence of the Paragons, ordering her to retrieve the Book of Oa to discover their identities.[3]

Felicity Smoak, along with the Ray and Nyssa al Ghul, tracked its energy signs to Earth-85 where the Phantom Stranger, knowing about the importance of their quest, allowed them to reach Earth-12 on the planet Oa. There, she convinced the Guardian Ganthet to be able to resist the Book's knowledge and read it, discovering that Sara Lance was the Paragon of Destiny and Kara Zor-El the Paragon of Hope.[3]

Felicity reported his discoveries to the Monitor, also telling him about the references to other two Paragons: a Bat of the Future and a Kryptonian who suffered a greater loss than most mortal men could endure.[3] Iris West, Superman and Lois Lane traveled through the realities in the search for the Kryptonian, also trying to stop Lex Luthor from killing various Supermen using the stolen Book of Destiny: they found out that the Superman of Earth-96 was the Paragon of Truth. In the meantime, Supergirl and Batwoman arrived to the futuristic Earth-99 as they believed its Bruce Wayne to be the Paragon of Courage: after a brief battle between the evil Bruce and Batwoman, Kate Kane discovered herself to be the prophetized Bat of the Future.[2]

Meanwhile, on the Waverider, Ray Palmer built a Paragon detector that helped the heroes discover that Barry Allen of Earth-1 was the Paragon of Love, J'onn J'onzz the Paragon of Honor and the Earth-1 professor Ryan Choi the Paragon of Humanity: the heroes rushed to rescue the latter from the Anti-Monitor's shadow demons and took him on the Waverider.[5]

Later that day, the Anti-Monitor managed to kill the Monitor and finally destroy all the realities, unleashing his anti-matter wave upon the Waverider: the Paragons were saved just before the end by Pariah who sent them to Vanishing Point, outside of time and space. There, they were shocked to discover that Lex Luthor had previously altered the reality using the Book of Destiny in order to rewrite himself as the Paragon of Truth, ensuring his survival and erasing Superman from existence.[5]

After one month spent in Vanishing Point, Oliver Queen, the new host of the Spectre, reached the Paragons who proposed him to use its energy to help Barry Allen run into the Speed Force and use it to travel back at the Dawn of Time: Supergirl was sent to the planet Maltus to stop Mar Novu from becoming the Monitor and unleashing his dark self but, after defeating Lex Luthor, her actions were nullified by reality itself as the Anti-Monitor was fated to be born somehow in the Multiverse.[1]

The Paragons gathered at the Dawn of Time, in the Antimatter Universe, where they sided with the Spectre against the Anti-Monitor and his dark forces. As Oliver Queen stopped the dark God, he died in the aftermath of the battle but his energy was harvested by the Paragons who combined it with their wills and energy from the last page of the Book of Destiny in order to reboot the Multiverse, causing a new Big Bang that restored all the realities which were previously destroyed.[1]

In the newly born Earth-Prime, the Paragons discovered that Earth-1, Earth-38 and Black Lightning's reality were merged into a new universe and their history was a combination of their different backgrounds.[6]

However, the Anti-Monitor survived the rebirth of the Multiverse and returned to Earth-Prime along with his shadow demons to battle against the Paragons, minus Lex Luthor, and other Earth-1 heroes in an epic battle which ended after the Dark God was banished into the Microverse.[6]




  • In the aftermath of the Crisis, some Paragons formed a new team of heroes that could protect the Earth in future apocalyptic events.[6]

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