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Parallax was the embodiment of fear, an enemy of the Green Lantern Corps.

Parallax was created as a result of the Guardian of the Universe, Krona, becoming possessed and corrupted by the yellow energy of fear. He caused great destruction until he was imprisoned on the planet Ryut by the Green Lantern Abin Sur. He is accidentally freed by alien astronauts that came upon his prison. Parallax attacked Abin Sur's ship and mortally wounded him, but not before he could eject himself from his ship to Earth, where Abin Sur gave his power ring to Hal Jordan.

Parallax began killing other Green Lanterns and destroying other civilizations until it reached Earth. Meanwhile, Hector Hammond obtained psionic power after coming in contact with a portion of Parallax on Abin Sur's body as he was performing an autopsy. As Parallax arrived on Earth, interrupting Hector and Hal's battle, Parallax kills Hector for failing to destroy Hal and attempts to finish the job himself, but Carol Ferris helped him escape. Hal then tricks Parallax into following him out into space, where he is trapped in the sun's gravitational pull and burned up by the sun's heat.


  • Power Absorption: Parallax had the ability to kill any living creatures by absorbing their life force out of them via their fear. The more life force and fear it absorbs, the stronger and larger it gets.
  • Energy Projection: Parallax could also fire powerful yellow energy blasts from its mouth.
  • Power Distribution: It also gave Hector Hammond psionic powers after contact with a portion of Parallax on Abin Sur's body.
  • Psychic Link: Hammond and Parallax could telepathically communicate.

  • In an early script, the villain was intended to be Legion.



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