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This Parliament is unique among all others in the forces of nature. Its members are actually planets of the universe itself. However, the planets that are actual members are the ones who had life developed, evolved, and thrived and only them. Also, those planets who have developed life also develop something akin to a sentience, or a soul. The connection between a planet having a spirit and it being able to develop life is unknown.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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  • As the only planets that are members of the Parliament of Worlds are planets that bear life, it is safe to assume that planets like Krypton, Tamaran, Ryut, Daxam, Bismoll, or Mogo might also be members of this Parliament.
    • The former three are most likely former members as they suffered destruction.
    • Bismoll and planets similar to it might not be members as they were artificially implanted with the tools needed for life instead of a natural process.
    • Mogo is the only one shown to have an obvious grand sense of sentience, though it is unknown if he is actually a member of the Parliament.

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