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Pathfinder was the leader of Task Force X II.

Pathfinder led "Task Force X", consisting of Sidewinder, Kaliber, and Metamorpheus, sent by the Cabal, infiltrating a police station where Blacksnake was being held after being caught by The Atom. After having Sidewinder capture and kill a guard for Metamorpheus to impersonate, Metamorpheus assassinated Blacksnake. Pathfinder and Kaliber took out all the cops and the team promptly escaped to the roof, where their employer had a plane ready for their escape. The Atom was hot on their tail, but they'd left explosive charges that blew up the station and Atom was flung away by the blast, though he survived with a concussion.

Pathfinder and his team were sent to Diabloverde to interfere with a Suicide Squad mission. Kaliber and Metamorpheus went after Nightshade, although she managed to escape, and Sidewinder went for Bronze Tiger, but Deadshot saved him and took her down, but meanwhile, Pathfinder successfully took out Outlaw. Afterwards, they regrouped, Metamorpheus noting that Sidewinder needed medical assistance. Pathfinder denied the possibility and ordered Kaliber to put her out of her misery so they could get back to the mission, and he seemingly did. However, she would reappear with them in the future, so it's unclear what Kaliber really did.

Pathfinder tracked the Suicide Squad through the jungles of the island while assuring his teammates that after this mission, the Cabal promised them rest. Pathfinder eventually realized they were walking into an ambush, and Kaliber opened fire, forcing Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Nightshade to reveal themselves. Pathfinder took on Nightshade while Deadshot and Kaliber got into a shoot-out and Bronze Tiger wrestled with Metamorpheus. Eventually, Pathfinder managed to take down Nightshade, enraging Bronze Tiger and causing him to attack Pathfinder from behind and knock him out. Deadshot took out Kaliber with an explosive round and then managed to shoot Metamorpheus in the back just before he could backstab Bronze Tiger.

According to Amanda Waller, after being captured by the Suicide Sqaud, Pathfinder and the rest of Task Force X agreed to tell everything they knew to help take down the Cabal, for they knew what the Cabal did to agents that got captured, and Nightshade managed to recover with medical aid.

Several years later, Pathfinder, Kaliber, Metamorpheus, and Sidewinder returned along with several other foes Deadshot had faced in the past, hired by the united gangsters of Star City, who were desperate to stop Deadshot, for he had been mercilessly taking out all criminals in the area to keep his daughter safe. The metahuman mob came for Deadshot in the middle of the night, forcing him to take cover in an abandoned warehouse. Before they could move in, however, Kaliber came up with an idea; Metamorpheus took the form of Deadshot's woman and Kaliber held him at gunpoint, threatening to shoot if Deadshot didn't come out. However, Deadshot recalled Metamorpheus was a shapeshifter and sniped him in the head. Javelin attacked with explosive javelins, but Deadshot shot one of them before Javelin cold throw it and it blew up in his hands. The team moved in, and Sidewinder was first to find Deadshot. As she held him in place for Shreck to kill, however, he tricked Shreck into killing Sidewinder instead, after which Deadshot decapitated Shreck. Pathfinder appeared behind Deadshot and impaled him from behind, incapacitating him briefly. Pathfinder got to taking his guns as he contacted Firebug, informing him that Deadshot was either dead or his nervous system was fried. However, Deadshot was able to shoot Pathfinder in the chest and get up, opening fire on the incoming Firebug and Kaliber, though Pathfinder's attack had left him unable to shoot straight. Kaliber was able to take him down, but as Firebug gloated, Deadshot shot his flame accelerant, causing a massive explosion. The Star City gangsters would later reveal that Sudden Death was the only confirmed survivor.


  • Phasing: Pathfinder was able to phase through matter, covering whatever part of himself was phasing with a purple aura that left only his skeleton visible. He used this ability primarily to impale opponents with his hands, leaving them dead or paralyzed.

Enemy of the Suicide Squad