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Patricia Swann was the daughter of Virgil Swann.

As a child, Patricia played with Lex Luthor, Jason Teague and Oliver Queen, while their parents held their Veritas meetings. After her father passed away, Patricia began uncovering the secrets of Veritas and began suspecting that Lionel Luthor had killed the other members, including her father. She began sending letters to Lionel, demanding the truth and that he'd take her to the alien known as the "Traveler".[1]

Patricia also reached out to Lex and told him about Veritas. Later, Lionel finally introduced her to the Traveler, who was better known as Clark Kent. Patricia planned to move to Metropolis, so she could be there for Clark and help him. However, Patricia was murdered by her driver, under orders from Lex, who wanted a locket she wore. A locket that contained a key to a device, that was said to allow someone to control the Traveler.[1]