Pat Trayce worked for the Gotham City Police Department until she grew fed up with criminals escaping justice through the city's problematic legal system. A run-in with Deathstroke the Terminator (Slade Wilson), in which she also managed to obtain the old costume of Adrian Chase (tailored, of course), led her to adopt the costumed guise of the Vigilante, and forsaking both her family and her career in law enforcement for an alternative approach to crime.

She was frequently romantically linked with Deathstroke, and would eventually go on to take lead of his ex-wife Adeline's organization: Searchers, Inc., which she ran with Slade's manservant Wintergreen. Although Pat is mostly retired, she still dons the Vigilante costume from time to time. She assisted the Justice Society of America during the events of "Our Worlds at War".

After her first case as Vigilante, Pat Trayce decided that she much preferred working outside the system and permanently resigned from the police force. Now, supported by whatever illicit funds she can steal from the criminal scum she pursues, Trayce lives the life of an urban commando wanted by the law for questioning, forever on the move. The only thing she misses from her "former life" is her adopted 12-year-old boy, Luis, Jr. the son of her former police partner.



  • Vigilante Equipment: The Vigilante is never without her night-vision goggles; moreover, the pockets of her flak-jacket contain a bevy of additional crime-fighting accessories, including glass cutters, and climbing rope.


  • Vigilante Firearms: The Vigilante is never without her automatic rifle and sidearm handgun. She also has grenades and a molybdenum-alloy fighting baton.



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