Patrick was an unscrupulous and decadent human being who belonged to a secret society known as the Order. Patrick believed in life without inhibition or restriction and despised what he viewed to be the false, bourgeois elite of society. Patrick was charged with protecting the Order's anonymity and to this end, he employed a costumed assassin known as the Extremist. There had been several individuals who had donned the leather trappings of the Extremist and it was their task to eliminate those who threatened to expose the Order's secrets. It is possible that Patrick may have been an Extremist himself at one point, though there is nothing concrete to support this.

Patrick indoctrinated Jack Tanner into the lifestyle of the Extremist and invited him to partake in the sadomasochistic decadence that could be found in the Order's seamy, underworld bondage clubs.

Patrick instructed Tanner to murder a reporter who had infiltrated the Order, and also had him break into the reporter's home and murder his wife. At this point, Tanner was proving to be unreliable, and Patrick tried one last time to keep his agent's heart committed to his own personal philosophy.

In June of 1993, Patrick sneaked into Jack Tanner's home and raped his inebriated wife, Judy. Jack was both sickened and enticed by the act, which he was unfortunate enough to play witness to. It was Patrick's assertion that Jack should leave his wife in order to commit himself fully to the Order, but Jack refused.

That month, Patrick decided that Jack could no longer continue as the Extremist. He cornered Jack and Judy as they were exiting a sushi bar and stabbed him in the stomach, killing him.

Judy soon discovered her husband's secret lifestyle, and donned the Extremist leather with the intent of infiltrating the club and avenging his death. Patrick befriended her and agreed to help her, all the while, insinuating himself even further into Judy's life, until she became the Extremist not only in name, but in practice as well.

For reasons that remain unclear, Patrick decided that a change of venue and identity were in order. While engaged in a game of American Roulette, he faked his own death only to re-emerge later under the name Pierre. Patrick kept in contact with Judy who found herself sinking deeper and deeper into the Order's lifestyle. Once he realized that she was fully a part of the Order, he revealed the truth to her, and confessed to murdering her husband. Judy naturally flew into a frenzy, but Patrick calmed her down, knowing that she was now his to control.

By January of 1994, Judy had fully embraced her role as the Extremist and followed Patrick's orders without question.


  • In light of Patrick's sexual proclivities, it is possible that he was bisexual, but this has yet to be confirmed or denied.



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