Patrick Cleese is a real estate broker and friend to Princess Diana of Themyscira (aka Wonder Woman).

After making peace with Diana, Achilles Warkiller decides that he still has a mission to fulfil but that he will no longer shed any more blood of innocents. Departing Thalarion on his flying elephant Mysia, he lands at a mansion located in the United States, which Diana has arranged to become his new residence in Man's World. From here he can promote his message to end all wars.

He is met by a man who introduces himself as Patrick Cleese and says that he has been asked by Diana to show Achilles around the estate. To Achilles, who has up until now been feeling a little lost and alone in this new world, the name sounds just like 'Patroclus', and Achilles quickly recognized as the reincarnation of his beloved Patroclus from ancient times, from the days of the Trojan War. He smiles to himself that Diana has thought of everything to make him feel at home, and now he doesn't feel alone anymore.[1]

  • Although Gail Simone has suggested that the romance between Achilles and Patrick would go ahead, that's not shown on-panel.



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