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Pat Dugan was the sidekick Stripesy, assistant to Starman. Ten years after the latter's death, his stepdaughter Courtney took up the legacy, and he became S.T.R.I.P.E..


At age 20, Pat Dugan was employed by the wealthy Pemberton Family as a driver. He became good friends with their teenage son Sylvester. When Sylvester was 15, criminals threatened his family and he decided to become a masked hero, the Star-Spangled Kid. Pat donned a shirt with horizontal red and white stripes and became Stripesy. The partnership worked well, for a time. Sylvester eventually acquired the Cosmic Staff and changed his name to Starman. Pat continued to work with Sylvester and the Justice Society until the Injustice Society attacked their headquarters and most members were killed. Stripesy managed to extract Starman, who had been mortally injured by Icicle. They escaped Solomon Grundy in the Star-Rocket Racer, but Sylvester died soon after. Pat promised to protect the legacy, though Sylvester knew it wouldn't be Pat using the name.[3]

Blue Valley

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Pat as S.T.R.I.P.E.

For the next 10 years, Pat didn't sit still. He maintained the files and affects of Starman, including the Cosmic Staff. He also worked on a giant armor. He married single mother Barbara Whitmore and they moved to Blue Valley, Nebraska with his son Mike and her daughter Courtney. Though she had lived in Los Angeles much of her life, Barbara was born in Blue Valley, and got a job with the urban renewal foundation The American Dream. Pat took over an abandoned car repair shop. The move strained his relationship with his stepdaughter even more.[3]

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