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Patrick Kent was the President of the United States.

Patrick Kent was brought up from a prestigious American Southern family under the patriarch of industrialist Prescott Kent, who was closely involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the FDR administration in place of a fascist government modeled after Nazi Germany but was foiled by Peter Cassaday, a then incarnation of Citizen Soldier. Kent was raised in a racist background where he became a member of the Ku Klux Klan in which, as a teenager, he participated in the murder and lynching of an African-American family which their son was also another incarnation of Citizen Soldier, who was personally killed by Kent.

At his adult age, Kent became President and under his powers he was considered to be fairly corrupted, and as well being a lecherous adulterer and somewhat incompetent. During his tenure he created the Civil Defense Administration in response to threats to the United States, especially in regarding to superhuman terrorism, in which he appointed Ivana Baiul as head of the CDA. Ultimately, Kent's presidency was put in dire jeopardy when the recent incarnation of Citizen Soldier revealed his past and affiliation to the KKK as part of his plan to destroy the present establishment of the American government.[1] The situation was investigated by the United Nations organization Team Achilles. When Citizen Soldier was killed in which he would reincarnated into a newborn American baby, Kent gave his permission to Baiul in murdering every newborn baby to prevent Citizen Soldier's rebirth. This was stopped by Team Achilles in which their leader Ben Santini threatened Kent from killing the babies and gladly have his team-member Flint to personally kill the President.[2]

Later on, Kent's decision making ultimately led to his own downfall after the criminal mastermind Tao and his Syndicate deliberately gave the American government an engine that would allow them to explore the Bleed. A U.S. Space Program used the engine to launch a probe into the Bleed only for the engine to explode and causing a rift in the Bleed which led to almost bringing Earth into an inter-dimensional war with an alien race. In response, The Authority took matters into their own hands where they averted this war by putting the blame on President Kent and his government, and began a coup d'état in inserting their rule over the U.S. In response, Kent desperately had his military oppose The Authority but was ultimately fruitless. He was then apprehended and executed by The Authority in order to placate the aliens. Although, the footage that was present to incriminate Kent was doctored as a convincing way to avert the war.

  • Patrick Kent was clearly meant to be a subversive parody of former-President George W. Bush and as well adding some adulterous elements from Bill Clinton.