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Reload is an ally of the Immortal Man.

Patrick Kowalski nearly died during an accident in a mine, but his powers activated for the first time allowing him to "reload" his body to prior to the accident. He was later a soldier in Vietnam with his best friend Walt, using his powers to become an unparalleled force on the battlefield. Years later, he was recruited into the House of Action by the Immortal Man to help him in his war against the House of Conquest, an organization which Walt had been recruited into under the name "The Hunt".

The base of the House of Action known as The Campus was attacked by the House of Conquest and almost all of the House of Action was annihilated. Reload survived and was tasked by the Immortal Man to retrieve a teenager named Caden Park alongside Stray, Timber and Ghost Fist- calling themselves the Immortal Men.


  • Chronokinesis: Reload can "subtract time" from objects near him, which he normally uses to reload a gun hundreds of times with the same bullet. [1]
    • Immortality: Reload can also use this power to heal himself, making him effectively immortal.