Patrick "Eel" O'Brian is Plastic Man, a former thief and small-time criminal who has the power to stretch and bend his body into any imaginable shape.

Dark Days: The Forge

When Batman met with Mr. Terrific in the Lunar Batcave, he unveiled an egg-shaped containment unit that bore Plastic Man's logo. Batman suggested that they should release Plastic Man, thus revealing he was contained in this device for an unknown period of time.[1]

Exploring the Dark Multiverse

Currently, he is a member of The Terrifics who are mystically connected after a visit to the Dark Multiverse.



  • Dark Energy Bonding(Formerly): After being exposed to the Dark Multiverse energy, the Terrifics members became tethered to each other, which causes an explosion if they are separated more than a mile from each other. [3]



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