Plastic Man was a former criminal known as Eel O'Brien before gaining the power to stretch.

After getting his powers, Eel turned a new leaf, becoming a superhero and joining the Justice League.

During the fourth year of Superman's Regime, Plastic Man's son Luke McDunnagh was arrested and sent to the max security prison known as the Trench for opposing Superman. Breaking into the prison to free his son, Plastic Man also freed every other prisoner from captivity, making them swear to go back to society and use their rebellious ways to oppose Superman's Regime.

Plastic Man chose to remain in the Mirror World with his son, watching their world fall apart because of Superman from a safe distance.[1]

At some point, Plastic Man and his son returned to their world but continued to remain incognito. O'Brien kept in contact with Ted Kord prior to his death and was eventually tracked down by Batman for assistance in a rescue mission.[2] After the mission's success, the father and son continued to assist Batman as members of his Justice League Task Force.





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