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Patrick Wayne was an eccentric businessman and the father of Thomas Wayne, thus being the grandfather of Bruce Wayne.

Patrick Wayne was the owner of Wayne Operations (later Wayne Enterprises) and an eccentric Gotham businessman ill-reputed in the press for his behavior. Under him, Wayne Operations launched a transport service called "WayneTrek". When the Nazis took over Germany, he helped the Jews of Europe in smuggling valuable Jewish art to the United States alongside other valuable gems aboard the ship Odyssey, pretending that they were on loan. He had planned to sell the art on the black market to support the war against the Nazis he foresaw was going to happen.[2]

During the Odyssey's voyage, he welcomed members of the press and those who had come to view the treasure aboard it, but soon had to leave in an airplane upon learning that his wife had given birth to a son named Thomas. The Odyssey was hit by the airplane Altaire-One soon after he left, and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean. Patrick upon learning it was devastated and organized annual expeditions to find the Odyssey, but his wish remained unfulfilled. Thomas and his son Bruce continued Patrick's efforts to track down the ship.[2]