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Patty Spivot works as the blood expert for the Central City Police Department crime lab.

Patty worked closely alongside Barry Allen for apparently two years, during which both developed feelings for each other. Eventually, Barry asked her out, and they began dating.

During a lunch meeting with Iris West, Barry and Iris, along with three others, are sucked into a wormhole and presumed dead. Patty mourned for Barry and blamed the Flash for his supposed death, until Flash reemerged and saved her during her own investigation into Claudio Mardon's death. While Barry initially planned to tell Patty that he was the Flash, when Patty told him about how much she was hurting, he decided against it.

Soon enough, Patty meets "Turbine" while on an assignment and is told that Barry is alive. In the sudden turn of events, Patty is also introduced to Solovar, who tells her that she must tell the Flash what he needs to hear when the time comes. She is surprised when, brought right in the middle of the battle between the Flash and Grodd, she finds out that Barry is in fact the Flash. Despite the shocking revelation, Patty stands by Barry and waits for him to recover.

An unconscious Barry's sped up mind process then goes over the possible paths to take, and most outcomes show Patty either torn from Barry or dead. When Barry tells Patty that he intends to give himself over to Grodd, she relays Solovar's message, in hopes that it will help him survive the encounter. Following Barry's safe return, the couple continue their relationship, more open to each other than ever, now that she knows about his alter ego.