Serving in the British military during the 1960s, posted in the South Pacific, as a form of honorarium for his national service back in 1968. Paul Frost worked with the Royal Engineers second only to the British Rocket Group in working on a Kherubim shiftship, the very same group childhood bully and hated enemy Arrows was assigned to, digging ditches for their experimental barracks. An expedition which failed disastrously, either killing a great many of the staff in its initial blast, or killed off the few survivors with radiation born tumors over the years.

Save some two-thousand of whom; chief among them being Charlie Arrows and Paul Frost. Unbeknownst to most everyone however, Frost was also one of the terminal cases who bought the farm due to the experiment going wrong, but somehow exposure to the energies of the ship caused his sickness to become self-aware. Lethal carcinomas consumed his body but somehow assimilated his consciousness, he was pronounced dead months ago but in fact his mind, his essential being were now host to a virulent plague intelligence with a mind of their own.

Shortly after being pronounced deceased Frost's time after his service to the British Engineering Firm was a mystery. Save the fact that he eventually got into contact with Orwell who was interested in the top secret location of said alien ship about 30yrs ago, the professor sending a small mercenary squad of human and Daemonite enforcers to Hobb's Bay in England.


Frost's powers make him a living incubator hosting a hyper-intelligent viral colony which emulated his persona down to the letter. This carcinogenic entity has complete control over his/their/it's own molecular biology, able to give itself a perfectly humanoid physical appearance in order to move amongst the masses. It appears they can manipulate cellular bio-energy for offensive purposes such as giving a seemingly lethal electrostatic shock or impart their biomass in order to genetically disintegrate an biological matter.



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