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Paul Harvey served with great distinction aboard several PT Boats in the South Pacific Ocean during World War II.

Two Annapolis midshipmen, Paul Harvey and Perry Tobias, were courting the same young lady, and came to fisticuffs over it at least once. They graduated and were commissioned as ensigns in the United States Navy. Independently and for different sets of reasons, both volunteered for PT Boat duty in the South Pacific Ocean. They ended up serving aboard the same PT Boat. At first, they did not get along.

Unlike his close associate and personal rival Perry Tobias, Paul Harvey was a stickler for following all of the rules, all of the time. Ensign Harvey's reasons for seeking PT Boat duty were dryly rational: he felt sure that this was the billet in which he could do the greatest good. His impressive record of destroyed enemy vessels indicates that he made the correct choice. Working together, these two destroyed an extraordinary number of Japanese ships, but also had quite a few P.T. Boats blown out from under them, sunk, lost, or abandoned.



PT Boats

  • Paul Harvey and Perry Tobias appeared in PT Boat, which ran from Military Comics #17 to Modern Comics #46.
    • Over the course of their 30-monthly-issue career, they were both promoted in rank, from Ensign to Lieutenant.
    • Their ranks fluctuated. At one point in their careers, Tobias was an ensign while Harvey was a lieutenant, but in most stories, they both held the same rank, which went from ensign to lieutenant to ensign to lieutenant, over those months.
  • Lieutenant Harvey was hospitalized at least thrice in 1943, first from a bullet wound,[2] then from nearly drowning.[3] He got a second bullet wound and another near-drowning not long afterward.[4] In 1945 he got a third bullet wound, and was head-konked unconscious with a stick, his first known concussion.[5] Later in 1945 he was shot for a fourth time.[6] Finally in 1945, he got wounded badly enough to require some more rescue swimming, some surgery, and another hospital stay.[7]
  • Inexplicably, Perry and Paul did everything, from routine patrol duty to combat missions, wearing their dress white uniforms. The uniforms never got dirty or torn.
  • Their confirmed kills, (all but one are Japanese): one Aircraft Carrier,[8] one Battleship,[9] several Cargo Junks,[10] at least one more Cargo Ship,[11] five Destroyers,[12][13][14][15] three Fighter Planes,[16][17] one Landing Craft,[18] one fake Schooner,[19] one German Submarine,[20] six Japanese Submarines[21][22][23][24][25] and two Troop Transports,[26]