Paul Kirk operated as the "mystery man" known as Manhunter during World War II as a member of the All-Star Squadron, fighting alongside his friend Tex Thompson (Americommando).

In the later years of the war, Kirk and Thompson went secretly behind enemy lines in their civilian identities to take down the various Nazi super-agents which included Parsifal, whose power-negating abilities prevented other superheroes from entering Nazi-occupied territories. One night, as Paul Kirk attempted to infiltrate a Bavarian castle held by Nazi scientists, he saw that the Ultra-Humanite had his brain transplanted from the body of actress Dolores Winters into that of Thompson, who upon awakening tried to kill Kirk when seeing him through a window. Kirk barely escaped death, though it left him with amnesia as he made his way back to America on a fishing ship, running from gunmen and being haunted by disturbing dreams. Kirk came into contact with Thompson's former ally Bob Daley (Fatman) and remained in hiding with him until they arrived in New York, where Carter Hall (Hawkman) used hypnosis to unlock the secrets behind the dreams, revealing that they were caused by his discovery of the Ultra-Humanite taking on Thompson's body.

In 1950, at a rally in Washington, D.C. where all costumed superheroes were to appear by Presidential decree to show their loyalty, Daley helped Kirk put a stop to the Ultra-Humanite once and for all after Joan Dale's (Miss America) and Rex Tyler's (Hourman) public exposure of both Thompson and Dynaman, sacrificing his own life in the process. Kirk dove straight at the Ultra-Humanite and pushed him through a window, where he died.

A year after this incident, Kirk returned to his love of hunting in Kenya where he disappeared from sight.


Skilled fighter.

  • This version of the character is native to the JSA: The Golden Age series of stories.



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