Paul Revere was the leader of a military post-human team, called Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty during the Second World War.

Up until their deal with Henry Bendix, all members of this team were age ninety and beyond, and stationed in various retirement homes across the US.

Rejuvenated, Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty started America's rebellion against the Authority's rule in Philadelphia by instilling hate against the Authority, convincing a large willing crowd of followers and leading to an attack on the police force in the city, impaling officers on the American flag; he also dealt with the National Guards when they attended the scene by convincing them with his "super-charisma" to join his rebellion.

As the leader of the Sons Of Liberty, and as such is the most balanced and patient of the group, Paul holds the most amount of respect from the rest of his team-mates. He also the most dedicated to the cause, and looks at the big picture rather than smaller events, citing that a few people had to die in order to free the country, in response to Maiden America's conscience.

The Sons of Liberty attacked more cities over the coming days, such as Chicago, Kansas City, and Minneapolis. In Dallas, a short confrontation occurred, when Apollo was smashed into a building, trying to attack the Son's Of Liberty, by Paul who borrowed Maiden America's hammer.

Shortly after this, the Sons and Paul were attacked directly at Washington D.C. by the Authority. Paul ended up fighting Jack Hawksmoor until he was de-aged by Bendix, having planned from the beginning of duping the Sons of Liberty from the beginning, pulling the plug on their age-reduction. Realizing Bendix's betrayal Paul urged Hawksmoor to rescue everyone out of Washington but was killed when Dyno-Mite exploded next to Fallout, killing everyone in the immediate area, with the exception of the Authority.


  • Superhuman Strength: Paul Revere has the strength of ten men. Though this is only an estimated guess.
  • Super-charisma: Revere has the ability to influence and raise the morale of people, either friends or enemies, to join his cause.



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