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Paul Sloan was once an actor hired by a cadre Batman's rogues to pretend to be Two-Face.

He is a method actor who had a way of getting a little too into the characters he played. Paul buried himself in every role, even doing his own makeup to make him look identical to his subject. This took a toll on his mental health and destroyed his relationship with his girlfriend, actress Veronica Bella.

The reason they needed him was, as with all situations, Two-Face flipped his coin and it came up the non scarred side, leaving no option but to walk away. Paul believes he is Two-Face, the only difference is he enjoys the criminal life. However, during the heist he kills a security guard without even considering his coin.

When the real Two-Face finds out about the impostor he tracks him down and scars his face, dumping him on the rogues' doorstep. The Scarecrow finds him and uses him as a guinea pig in his fear experiments. He has all traces of fear removed from his mind, driving him insane. He takes up the identity of the Charlatan wearing a split mask of comedy and tragedy. Paul now targets the rogues as this is the best way to get at Batman, but he is defeated and taken away to Arkham Asylum.



  • Paul Sloan was an iteration of the Golden Age character, Paul Sloane, who became the third Two-Face on Earth-Two. The character's first iteration in the New Earth continuity was written by Mike W. Barr and illustrated by Jim Baikie, first appearing in Detective Comics #580 and his last appearance was on the next issue. This version was the same as the Earth-Two character, with the same background and the same name, "Paul Sloane". The character was not used again for 16 years until Detective Comics #777 by Ed Brubaker and Tommy Castillo, in which he was heavily modified, his story no longer retained any of the previous elements and even his name was changed to "Sloan". Since the reality-altering Zero Hour event happened between Detective Comics #581 and #777, it is safe to assume that Zero Hour made massive changes to Paul Sloan/Sloane's personal history, removing the first version by Barr and Baikie from continuity.



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