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Paul Trainor is the son of Larry Trainor, who grew up without his father in his life after Larry's accident.

After the apparent death of his father when Paul was a boy, Paul grew to idolize his father more than he already did. Though both Paul's mother and brother sank into conspiracy theories over the years that Larry didn't actually die in the mission, Paul instead sought to honor his father's legacy by joining the military himself in tribute. Paul would continue to age, having a son and later a grandson of his own.

However, Paul's life would change after his brother Gary - unable to deal with the emotional toll of devoting his life to finding his missing father - killed himself by intentional overdose. Though Paul admitted he felt a sort of peace for the both of them, being able to finally let go of their father, Paul would be blindsided by his father Larry showing up at the funeral alive, having been in hiding from the experimentation he had endured for years.

Though Paul had trouble dealing with the revelation, he invited his father back into his life to meet his family. Larry was sheepish about his failures as a father but eventually warmed up to reuniting with his family.

However, Paul, not having processed the damage that Larry had done on his life well, investigated him and eventually betrayed him, turning him over to the Department of Normalcy for all the pain he had caused. Though Larry managed to escape, Paul's son Dex was accidentally shot in the confrontation, something Larry would again blame himself for.

Though Dex would survive, Paul and Larry's relationship was forever strained.


  • Paul Trainor is portrayed by John Getz in the present and by Fletcher Hammand as a boy.