Paula Holt is the superhero Ms. Terrific of Earth 23.

On her Earth, her husband Michael Holt died in a car crash, unlike on Earth 0 where it was Paula who was killed. After her husband's death, she used her genius intellect to fight for good as Ms. Terrific.

She came across the Mr. Terrific of Earth 0 when he was transported to her world, and after helping him to escape from Java and his forces, she accompanied Mr. Terrific back to Earth 0 and became a member of his team The Terrifics.


  • Wings: After arriving at the beginning of time Paula met every possible version of herself who bestowed upon her her angelic powers.[1]
  • Cosmic Awareness: Paula can break the fourth wall.[3]



  • T-Cubes: Ms. Terrific utilizes T-Cubes, which function identically to Mr. Terrific's T-Spheres.


  • Magic Sword: Paula has a sword that can cut through time.[4]



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