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Paula Nguyen Crock was the assassin Huntress, retired because of invalidity. She is the mother of Artemis and Cheshire.

Little of Paula's past is known, except that she served as a mercenary under the alias of Huntress and that she struck up a relationship with League of Shadows assassin Sportsmaster. They were married for an unknown number of years. They were estranged while she was in jail for about 7 years. When she got out she told Lawrence to give up his life of crime, or get out. They have been separated ever since. In the mean time Paula has raised Artemis alone, as the rest of her family has turned to a life of crime.

In September her daughter Artemis received a letter in the mail, it started she had been awarded a full scholarship to a very prestigious school. Artemis did not want to leave her other friends, but Paula ordered her to go, and reasoned with her that she wanted her daughter to have a better life than she did.

Paula has remained supportive of Artemis's "after school activities" and seems very grateful for the opportunities she has been given to better her life.

Other Characteristics