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Quote1.png I am the youngest of the Amazons, a convert to your creed. Attending to your words, I'll add my own. One word above the rest we can't forget--that word is love. Quote2.png
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Baroness Paula von Gunther a.k.a Uberfraulein was a superhuman asset of Nazi Party who disappeared in August 1942 during a raid against the Island of Amazonia.[2]

Being defeated, Paula was condemned to the Improvement Island by Queen Hippolyta, wearing for decades the Venus Girdle to heal her of her wickedness.

Passionately obsessed with Princess Diana from the moment they met, she wanted to rule a world of women together with her, where men were slaves.

It was Paula who murdered Hippolyta in her own royal palace for Diana to take her place as Queen of the Amazons and fulfill her desire and stole her Aphrodite's Magic Girdle. During the fight between Paula and Diana with the Amazons in Washington, D.C., the battle moved to the gardens of the White House, which was considered an act of war.

Despite Diana's pain at having her mother murdered by Paula, she was again sentenced to wear the Venus Girdle, confessing in the face of Diana's compassion that she, in her twisted mind, did all that out of love for her.[2]

Maxwell Lord took advantage of that so-called act of war and, pulling the President's strings, was authorized to attack the Amazon Island with the A.R.E.S. automata. Although she did not have the acceptance of the Amazons, especially that of Nubia, lover of Hippolyta, Paula fought to defend Paradise Island, throwing a huge stone on the last automaton of the first wave of attack sent by Max Lord, which was actually Ares, the god of war. With that Diana acknowledged that her healing time was over, taking the Venus Girdle from her waist and freed her, but Paula said that she was free to follow her.

The redemption of the ex-Nazi Superwoman came to an end when Diana brought Hippolyta back to life as a child molded from clay and animated with the eternal heart of the Eternal Queen.[1]

One thousand years in the future

Paula von Gunther became one of the members of the Council of Presidents in the world-wide Republic of Harmonia on Gaia in the 31st century.[1]







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