Paula von Gunther was a gifted biologist and one of the Savanti, consisting herself, Jon Kent and Lutor.

She led humanity from a dying Earth to live on a terraformed Mars. When Jon Kent and Lutor built Metropolis as their answer to humanity's future, Paula disagreed. She quarreled with Lutor and becoming distrustful of him before finally leaving the city and created her own artificial, flying city known as "Heaven", where she used her knowledge of genetics and the genes of the Earth animals she saved, to create her own race of beast-like Amazons. Among her Amazons was her perfect clone and daughter Diana. Since then Paula was forgotten in Metropolis and her name was erased from the city's archives.

Paula would later realized that her bestial Amazons were becoming erratic and violent due to genetic fragmentation. She sent Diana to Metropolis below to reopen communication with the city and needing the city's rulers to help Heaven by contributing new gene stock; however, Lutor, who had usurped the city and is corrupted, instead captured Diana. Without Diana, Heaven descended into a rebellion led by Cheetah, who then killed Paula out of hatred.



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